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The Power of Focus 

Do one thing and do it well.  This explains The PMO Squad and our motivation to deliver the best Project Management and PMO solutions.  We are insanely driven to provide Project Management with Purpose.

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For The PMO Squad, Why we exist is just as important to us as What we do for our clients.  We believe everything should start with Purpose.  Yes, we are a Project Management Consulting firm that helps our clients deliver key strategic initiatives.  Equally as important though,  we believe in supporting our Project Management profession, Local Communities, Veterans and those in need.  

Our Services include both PMO Consulting and Project Management Consulting, providing Direct Placement and Contract Project Management and Agile Resources, as well as Project Management, PMO and Agile training.  Inherit within each of these services is our belief in People over Process and Outcomes over Audits. For us, everything starts with Purpose.



To find my tribe I knew I needed to build an organization that was exclusively focused on Project Management and Delivery.  I lived the Corporate life with great success but never felt as if those organizations understood, nor appreciated, the value of successful project delivery. 
      -Joe Pusz, Founder THE PMO SQUAD


Anything and Everything is POSIBLE when you work together bonded by a common purpose.  This is who we are and how we deliver for our customers.  We deliver Project Management with a Purpose.






Empowering People to Deliver Results

Agile, Hybrid, or Traditional Project Management methodologies and processes are always secondary to us.  Everything in Project Management is driven by people.  We put people at the forefront to ensure our client solutions stand the test of time.  The PMO Leader must be a Leader first ensuring the delivery team is empowered to drive successful outcomes for the organization.


Enable organizations to gain Competitive Advantage through Excellence in Project Delivery

We deploy the best team in the industry to deliver Agile, Hybrid and Traditional Project Management solutions and resources to clients across the United States.  We serve multiple industries and we support clients of all sizes from the local start-up to global Fortune 200 conglomerates.  All companies have projects but few companies deliver projects successfully.  Get a step up on your competitors by outperforming them on your key strategic initiatives.




The PMO Squad started in 2013 by global PMO Influencer Joe Pusz, PMO Joe.  Joe had been a PMO Leader with various organizations across multiple industries and various size companies during his corporate career.  The entrepreneurial spirit prompted Joe to start The PMO Squad to help serve clients looking to improve their Project Management capabilities and performance.

  • 2013 The PMO Squad is formed in Atlanta, GA
  • 2013 The PMO Squad serves our first Fortune 200 client
  • 2013 The PMO Squad performs our first PMO improvement initiative
  • 2014 The PMO Squad delivers our first Project Management Training Courses
  • 2016 The PMO Squad leads our first Agile Transformation
  • 2017 The PMO Squad delivers our first global eCommerce program
  • 2018 The PMO Squad opens second location in Phoenix, AZ
  • 2018 Project Management Office Hours Radio Show and Podcast launches
  • 2019 The Purpose Driven PMO framework is finalized
  • 2020 PMO Joe named one of the Top 15 Global PMO Influencers by the PMO Global Alliance.
  • 2021 The PMO Squad establishes Partnerships with leading global brands Planview, Cora Systems, QuantumWorks, and TrackVia.
  • 2021 The PMO Leader global community launches.
  • 2021 The PMO Squad earns Platinum Medallion from US Department of Labor HIRE Vets program.
  • 2021 PMO Joe named one of the Top 8 Global PMO Influencers by the PMO Global Alliance.
  • 2022 The PMO Squad invited to sit on PMO Executive Roundtable hosted by PMI.
  • 2022 The PMO Squad wins Small Business Awards, micro category, presented by the Phoenix Business Journal.
  • 2022 The PMO Squad earns for the second consecutive year the Platinum Medallion from the US Department of Labor HIRE Vets program.
  • 2022 PMO Joe named the top PMO Influencer in the Americas by the PMO Global Alliance.
  • 2022 The PMO Squad establishes partnership with Asana.
  • 2023+ The PMO Squad continues our march to inter-galactic domination and destruction of the Project Management Gremlins 


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