THE PMO SQUAD is a National Project Management Consulting firm that helps our clients deliver key strategic initiatives better than they are doing today.  We utilize Agile, Hybrid, and Traditional approaches to partner with your team to improve your ability to Deliver!  Our Services include PMO Improvement and Start-up, Project Delivery, Project Management and Agile training, and Coaching your Agile or Project Management leaders.


Empowering People to Deliver Results

"People are our greatest asset" is the message from CEOs across the globe. 


Yet, we rarely give our people the power to perform at their best.

We believe in People over Process.  We believe in Results over Process.  We believe in Empowering People to Deliver Results. 


Agile, Hybrid, or Traditional are always secondary to us.  The approach, methodology, process or tool will always be driven by people.  We put people at the forefront to ensure our client solutions stand the test of time.


Our Mission is to help organizations gain Competitive Advantage through excellence in delivery.  We deploy the best team in the industry to deliver Agile, Hybrid, and Traditional Project Management solutions to clients across multiple industries in the US and abroad.


Organizations consume countless hours and resources to optimize manufacturing, sales, marketing, accounting, and more.  But rarely are similar investments made to optimize delivery.  Global data shows Project Success Rates are stagnant at about 55%.  Organizations that deliver with 80% - 90% success have an immediate Competitive Advantage. 

To find my tribe I knew I needed to build an organization that was exclusively focused on Project Management and Delivery.  I lived the Corporate life with great success but never felt as if those organizations understood nor appreciated the value of successful delivery. 

Joe Pusz, Founder


We enjoy our time supporting our clients but it is important for our team to contribute in our local communities.

We are proud of our relationships with organizations such as Destiny's Daughters of Promise, Hiring our Heroes Military SpousesLeukemia & Lymphoma Society, PMI Mentoring Programs, Special Olympics, St Vincent De PaulTeam Red, White and Blue and VPMMA.

We believe Service to Community empowers our team to reach their full potential at work and at home.  We appreciate any support you can show for these organizations. 


We are proud to support so many causes within our communities.  Contact us to learn how we can get you started.


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