To assist with our fitness we enlist the help of a Trainer.  To improve our culinary abilities we take cooking lessons.  To grow as musicians, vocalists or dancers we take lessons.  In our everyday lives we strive to improve by soliciting help from coaches, teachers, and experts.  We provide PMO Leadership coaching sessions to help you improve your capabilities and to grow as a PMO Leader.

Leadership Coaching for PMO Leaders from THE PMO SQUAD


Our research shows the majority of first time PMO Leaders are promoted from a role of Project of Program Manager.

They've earned the promotion to a leadership position but rarely do they receive the attention they need to become effective leaders.

We understand the challenges PMO Leaders face.  Our coaching offers you a personal connection to advance your leadership capabilities.

Leadership Coaching for PMO Leaders from THE PMO SQUAD


We believe in Empowering People to Deliver Results and that starts with you!  To be a Leader you must learn to Lead.

That sounds obvious but too often leadership is confused with management.  We coach you to become a leader.

We've all been a first-time leader at one point in our career.  Now is the time for us to empower you as your career begins to grow!


Empowering People to Deliver Results

The PMO Leader using the PURPOSE DRIVEN PMO approach is a Servant Leader.  They recognize the strength of their team and prioritize People over Process.  They work to create a culture of empowerment and build trust within the team.

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PMO Leaders are often promoted without receiving the necessary training or support to be effective.  Contact us to learn how we can get you started.

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