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We are so very excited to announce the inaugural 2020 Global PMO Leadership Survey is NOW OPEN to PMO Leaders across the globe.

How does PMO Leadership factor into the success of the PMO? This Survey is designed to help us understand the impact PMO Leadership has on the success of a PMO. This inaugural global survey begins our planned long-term research to understand how leadership and leaders influence the outcomes and success of the PMO within organizations of varying sizes and industries. This will allow us to collect data and begin forming trends related to PMO leadership which has received limited attention as compared to other areas within the project management community. We will revisit these topics yearly to identify trends and share our findings with the global PMO Community.


Specific areas the survey will examine include:

  • The PMO Leader - How does training, experience and education impact PMO performance?

  • The PMO Construct - How does industry, size, function and tools impact PMO performance?

  • The PMO Value Proposition - How does a PMO best generate value for the organization?

  • The PMO Process Map - How do PMO processes and methodologies impact PMO success?


We're looking to gain industry knowledge and define what is and isn't working to help you achieve organizational success. As we develop trends over time we expect our research will be used to benchmark your PMO and organization against others of similar size and scope. Our ultimate objective is to identify key factors which will allow for global PMO improvement.

The survey will be live through August 15th.  The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  We will NOT share your data with any other organizations or individuals.