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Establish a Baseline

To begin the journey of improving your ability to execute Project Management within your organization you will need a starting point, our Project Management Assessment.

The Project Management Assessment will cover

  • Financial Alignment
  • Technology Alignment
  • Resource Evaluation
  • Organizational/Strategic Alignment
  • Project Management Methodology
  • Project Management and/or PMO process
5 Step Project Management Assessment Process
  • Schedule the  Assessment
  • Prepare for the Assessment
  • Conduct the  Assessment
  • Build the Assessment Report
  • Implement the Improvement Roadmap

Industry Best Practices

Our SQUAD members are former PMO Leaders and seasoned Consultants.  We rely on these experiences as well as industry best practices to complete our Assessment and Assessment Report

Best Practice Sources
  • Gartner PPM Maturity Model
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
  • Project Managment Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • PM Skills Assessment
  • PM Software Assessment
Project Management Assessment Timeline
  • Schedule - 1 day response post Assessment requests
  • Prepare - 5 days to prepare for your Assessment
  • Conduct - 1 day to complete the Assessment
  • Build - 5-7 days to complete the Assessment Report
  • Implement - 2 year Roadmap provided