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Project Management Assessment
The average lifespan of a PMO is between 2-3 years.  How much time do you have left before your organization decides to make a change?  You can't fix it, if you don't know what's broken.  When do you have time to evaluate your own PMO and Project Management function?  Our deliverable to you after the Assessment is a Detailed Report listing how to improve your Project Management Value to your company.  We address People, Process, and Technology in the 1 day Assessment utilizing Industry Best Practices and Standards.
Assessment Details


Efficient Project Management processes

At the core of our approach are these 5 steps. DEFINE, DESIGN, BUILD, VALIDATE, and DEPLOY.  You may practice Agile project management or follow a traditional Waterfall methodology, but regardless of your process at the core are these 5 steps.  We work with your team to ensure you are delivering high quality results and utilizing sound project management plans, project management templates and engaging talented Project Managers. 

We also understand organizations don't want to get bogged down in the bureaucracy of old school project management.  Our goal for you is Value.    Successful projects with minimal overhead that provide the benefits identified at the outset of the projects.  We install efficient, high value Project Management processes geared to your success.


PMO as a Service
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For our Customers who aren't up to the challenge of running their own PMO, we offer our innovative PMO as a Service solution. Just as you've outsources your payroll, legal services, crm, infrastructure, and data centers we'll offer best in class Project Management Leadership. At the center of this solution is you, our Customer. We'll provide the Resources, Governance, Processes and Reporting that your organization needs all at a cost you can afford.


PMO Start Up and Optimization

What is a PMO? Does your team or organization ready to build a PMO? If so, how will you do it? What kind of PMO are you going to build? What resources, processes, and tools do you need? Your best option is to turn to someone who has built and run a successful PMO. Our SQUAD members work with you to learn your business and understand your culture. We help you develop all the tools you'll need to be successful including methodologies, training, governance, organizational alignment, reporting, and more.