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As you transition to Civilian Project Management positions you may benefit from mentoring with expereinced Project Management Leaders.

What you can expect from your Mentor:

  • One on One sessions with PM Leaders
  • Career Guidance
  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Expectations for Civilian PMs
  • Access to your Mentor's network
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This is your chance to give back to those who have risked it all for our freedom.  Provide guidance, insight and advice to Veterans seeking Civilian Project Management careers.

What you can expect from Mentoring:

  • Mentee dedicated to Career Growth
  • Mentee Committed to improving PM Skills
  • Strengthening your Interpersonal Skills
  • Exposure to new organizations & resources 
  • Gratitude and Appreciation

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Our Collective Mission

Provide Veterans the Tools and Opportunities to become Successful Civilian Project Managers


  • Vets2PM
  • Veterans2Work