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How long will the Mentoring relationship last?
The formal Mentoring relationship is planned for 3 months.  If the Mentor and Mentee agree, they can continue the relationship beyond 3 months.
Is there a fee to participate in the Mentoring Program?
No.  There is never a fee to participate either as a Mentor or a Veteran Mentee in the Program.
What if we're not getting along, can I request a new Mentor?
Yes.  If the relationship is not working out we will work to team you with a new Mentor.
How frequently do you start a new Mentoring Wave?
Each month on the 15th of the month we start a new Mentoring Wave.
How do you pair me with my Mentor?
We use the information from your submission and your resume.  We try to team you with someone with experience you are seeking and is within the industry you desire.  We also look at location and try to team you with a Mentor that is within the same city, state, or region.
Do I have to sign an agreement?
Yes.  We ask that you sign the Veterans Project Management Mentoring Agreement as an acknowledgement that you are choosing to participate in the Program and that you have an objective you are working towards with your Mentor.
How will I communicate with my partner?
Your Mentoring sessions may be in person, via phone, e-mail, web meeting, or other form of communication.  All Mentoring Program communications are at the expense of the participants.
Am I compensated for my participation in the Mentoring Program?
No.  Choosing to participate as a Mentor in the Veterans Project Management Mentoring Program is not compensated.
Will the personal and professional information I share through the Mentoring Program be kept confidential?
Yes. All program applicants are required to sign a confidentiality statement at the time they apply.  Finally, all participants should adhere to all applicable privacy policies and procedures instituted by their employers.
Where can I find the documents and information I need during my Mentoring Program partnership?

Mentoring Program participants are given access to a private area of the website.  Here you will find important and helpful items, documents, and policies.  You will need to enter this area to access the Mentoring Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and Evaluations


How do I become a Corporate Partner?
Send an email to info@thepmosquad.com with your contact information.  We will then contact you to add your organization to our Corporate Partner list.
What is the committment required for a Corporate Partner?
We request that each Corporate Partner commit to providing 1 or more Project Management mentors for a period of at least 1 year.
What is the benefit of a Corporate Partnership?
We will display each Corporate Partner logo on our pages and include your company name in Program communications.  In addition, you will benefit from the goodwill you are generating by helping one of our Veterans.