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Giving Back with The PMO Squad’s Day of Service

Jan 25, 2023
Giving Back with The PMO Squad’s Day of Service

Service to others is central to how we operate at The PMO Squad. It’s the “S” (Service Minded) in what we think is POSIBLE, and we have The PMO Squad Day of Service Program where we put our money where our mouth is. Every year, employees are given one paid day off to volunteer with the cause of their choice. This program has been in place for two years, and we believe it has had a significant impact on both the organizations that benefit from it and the volunteers. 

Below is a conversation we had with Jerome MacDonald, Director of Operations at The PMO Squad, about his Day of Service. 

Hi Jerome, how long have you been with The PMO Squad and what do you do for us? 
I’ve been with The PMO Squad for two years now and am the Director of Operations. This means I’m responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and making sure everything is running smoothly. 

Where did you volunteer? 
Hope Pregnancy Center in Killeen, Texas. 

Why did you choose Hope Pregnancy Center? 
Their organization has three centers in the central Texas area and have been providing services to families in need during pregnancy for 42 years. They’ve been able to help thousands of women and men navigate unplanned pregnancy with decision guidance, free services, and parenting support through free baby items and parenting education classes. They also help many military families as well from Fort Hood. 

Sounds like a very worthwhile cause. What did you help them do? 
We helped to move them from their old building to a new building that is much better suited to providing the care they give each day. 

What effect did this have on you? 
Many of the staff and volunteers are more advanced in age and work so hard each day to help everyone who walks through their doors. Moving furniture and heavy boxes would have been really hard without help. For me it was just a way to give back to them and help them settle into a new building that will only allow them to do more to help the community. 

What impact did this have on Hope Pregnancy Center? 
We helped save money by using volunteers instead of a moving company. Being a non-profit means every penny spent has an impact. Hope’s staff and volunteers were grateful for our help, and we sat down for some pizza and water when the day was through. 

Any advice you would give to others who have been on the fence about giving back to their communities? 
Find what you’re passionate about or have an interest in and connect with a group or organization that aligns with that. There is so much need and opportunity to help in your local community, and you’ll end up getting more out of it than them because of the satisfaction of helping others. 

Jerome’s decision to help Hope Pregnancy Center transition to another location is something we appreciate, and we know they did as well. 

How about you? What can you do to give back to your community? Identify a cause that means a lot to you, get connected, and start making a difference today! 


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