Our Purpose at THE PMO SQUAD is Empowering People to Deliver Results.  To help us fulfill our purpose we have started the Empowerment Series providing leadership insights, guidance, and direction to help you hit your objectives.  Each Empowerment Article will focus on steps and actions you can take to help you achieve your goals for career growth and organizational success.  

Q4 Finish Strong

October 2020

Facing the 4th quarter with an unused budget can be daunting. Quickly rescope and accelerate delivery across teams using three quick steps and motivational methodology.

Image by Evangeline Shaw

Strategic Alignment

Coming January 2021

A successful Project Portfolio aligns with Organizational Strategy.  Prioritizing Strategy focuses financial resources and teams on projects making an impact.

Coming January 2021

Emerging Tech

November 2020

Know your options when deciding to accelerate your investment in emerging tech and the talent to deliver.  Understand new capital designations for project teams .

Attentive Therapist

Behavioral PM

Coming February 2021

Our new normal has highlighted the need to focus on power skills and human interaction.  Advance your team capabilities by investing in their ability to lead teams better.

Coming February 2021

People over Process

December 2020

Focus your efforts on how people can achieve results and support your teams with the necessary tools.  Empower your people to deliver results to hit your targets.

Social Distance in Office

Social Sustainability

Coming March 2021

How are you working with your teams, partners and customers to impact our communities and industries.  Be out front, leading by example to drive change for business growth.

Coming March 2021


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