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The first thing to do when setting up a PMO

Sun, Feb 18, 2018 / by Hussain Bandukwala


Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) can appear to be daunting. And let’s not kid anyone. It is. It actually is. It requires careful planning, deliberate relationship building, flawless execution and continuous improvement. Throw in a mix of doubters, “we’re not going to change”-ers, and differing demands, it makes the situation even more challenging.

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Project Management Success in the New Year

Mon, Jan 8, 2018 / by Joe Pusz



At the start of the new year Project Management leaders should take some time to be sure the organization is focused on delivering successful projects in 2018.  But how do you do that?  What are some of the key steps which need to be taken to give you the best chance for success?

Here are my top 3 areas you should be focused on:

  1. Are you working the RIGHT projects?
  2. Do you have the RIGHT resources?
  3. Is your organization working on the SAME process?
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My 8 Most Important Project Management Soft Skills

Tue, Nov 28, 2017 / by Joe Pusz



Is there such a thing as Good vs Great Project Managers?  Of course there is!  Just as with any profession, some Project Managers are better than others.  There are several items which can contribute to this differentiation such as;  Consistency, Attitude, Experience, Background, Desire, Training and more.  What I've found over the years is that the PM who has developed  "soft skills" has an edge over PMs lacking these soft skills.  Even more specifically, I've found through my experience there are 8 soft skills which are the most important for a PM to cultivate and grow.

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Using Playbooks to Deliver Winning Projects

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 / by Joe Pusz



I was a pretty decent baseball player back in the day.  Lots of Business Lessons were learned between the lines; Leadership, Trust, Teamwork to name a few. Another lesson was the use of a Playbook.  My freshman year of High School I was called up to the Varsity team and the coach gave me the team Playbook. I had never used a Playbook in baseball.  Hit the ball, throw the ball, run.  What was the need?  

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How to select Project Management Software

Thu, Oct 26, 2017 / by Joe Pusz


There are so many choices today when selecting Project Management Software.  There are Enterprise PPM solutions, Cloud based or desktop based choices.  We can even select apps to use on our mobile devices.  There are tools which specialize in communication, collaboration, task management, gantt charts and more. Are you needing a tool for yourself, a small team, small or mid-sized business or perhaps a large corporation.  Do you practice traditional Project Management, Agile, or hybrid methodology?  So many selection criteria to assess.  So how do you pick the right tool for your particular need?


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