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  • The SQUAD was selected Program Lead for Fortune 200 organization seeking to implement a new eCommerce platform. 

  • We were selected to rescue the Program after a previous vendor failed to deliver.

  • Provided Program and Project Managers.

  • Program Management responsibilities included leadership over internal client resources and third-party system integrators.

  • Leadership and development of program processes, reporting, governance, and Executive Steering Committee.


Our team was accountable for overall delivery of the Program, reporting to the SVP Digital.  The Program was comprised of several projects covering internal business process changes, system integrations, new platform development, and third party system integrators implementation of the new platform.

  • Governance - Led effort to define the overall Program Governance including definition of Project teams, Operating Committee, and Executive Steering Committee.  Established Program cadence for daily, weekly and monthly updates.  Managed performance to budget, schedule, scope and associated change management processes.   Facilitated Executive Steering Committee, CFO Finance reviews, and Digital Transformation team meetings.​

  • ​Execution - Multi-year effort to build Business Case, select the eCommerce platform, select the System Integrator, build the solution, define Implementation plan, build and deliver Communication plan, establish Post-implementation processes, and Close-out the Program.  

    • ​Business Case - Facilitated building of the business case with Finance, IT, and Marketing departments.  Developed multi-year plan to Capital and Operating expenses as well as projected increase in Revenue and resulting ROI.

    • Platform Selection - Requirements definition, RFP construction, Vendor demos, and ultimate System selection.

    • SI Selection - Led team for RFP development, review of Vendor responses and selection of final System Integrator.

    • Building the Solution - Managed multiple teams overseeing platform configuration, business process definition, infrastructure and data center selection and changes, SCRUM based development efforts, User Acceptance testing, and all related Change Management activities.

    • Implementation Plan - Accountable for the multi-phased approach to implement solution.  Included soft launch, data conversion, and Go Live planning and execution.

    • Communication Plan - Overall Program accountability for Internal, Partner, and Customer Communications Planning.  Led team to align Implementation Plan and Communication plan for a cohesive Go Live strategy.

    • Post-Implementation - Facilitated teams to define and implement new organizational processes to ensure System Maintenance and Customer Service processes were successfully launch to support the new platform.

    • Close-Out - Conducted full Program review and Retrospective with all teams identifying best practices and opportunities for improvement.



Customer Satisfaction  -

  • Client signed the SQUAD to additional long-term engagements.

Schedule -

  • Multi-year project completed within 2 months of original projected go live date.

Budget -

  • Final budget completed within 10% of original budget forecast.

Benefits -

  • Increase sales and revenue.

  • Improved eCommerce Promotion and Marketing capabilities.

  • Improved tracking and understanding of eCommerce customers and transactions.

  • Improved Operations, Maintenance, and Support of eCommerce platform.


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