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2023 - The Year in REview

Jan 11, 2024
2023 - The Year in REview

Tacking is a sailing maneuver that allows sailboats to move forward, despite opposing headwinds. A skipper pushes the tiller, which turns the sails from side to side so that they fill with wind and propel the boat forward, albeit at a diagonal course. While it may not seem like the most direct path, what’s important is that progress continues to be made. 

“Tacking” is also how we feel we can sum up 2023 at The PMO Squad. Like any business, we’ve had both headwinds and tailwinds throughout the year. We may have started the year with certain plans, but as challenges and opportunities presented themselves, we had to pivot to keep moving forward.  

What were some of the results of these pivots? Below are a few of the highlights of 2023. 

January - Recorded the Last Episode of Project Management Office Hours 

Project Management Office Hours is The PMO Squad’s podcast where PMO Joe chatted with global leaders twice monthly for the past four years. With over 115 episodes and 40 million+ downloads, each was a mentoring session that helped the audience gain helpful insight and advice from industry experts. Eventually, it was necessary to take a break as the demands of a growing business became a priority. 

April - Formed a Partnership with Asana 

We knew that we needed the Technology piece of the People, Process, Technology triumvirate, and we chose to partner with Asana to fill this gap. This meant that The PMO Squad became a vetted expert at helping you deploy Asana with confidence, plan and prioritize projects, and customize solutions to solve your trickiest problems. 

May - Became a Founding Sponsor for International PMO Day 

On May 9, the first International PMO Day was celebrated across the globe. It is a special day to highlight, show appreciation for, promote, and celebrate PMOs, and The PMO Squad was thrilled to be a founding partner. Want to be part of this annual event in 2024? See how you can get involved for the next International PMO Day on May 14, 2024. 

August - Hired our first Director of Technology, Nicole Pietrangelo 

Nicole Pietrangelo helps complete the People part of People, Process, and Technology. We brought Nicole on s The PMO Squad’s Director of Technology in the first half of the year to implement Asana and other technology solutions for our clients. Nicole is a dedicated Software Implementation consultant that thrives on translating complex business needs into seamless technological solutions.  Contact Nicole today to see how she can help your business. 

October - Doubled Down on Providing Educational Opportunities to the PMO Community 

We kept busy in October providing educational resources to the PMO Community. First, we launched The PMO Leader Mentoring Program in conjunction with MeisterPlan. The PMO Leader Mentoring program is designed to bring together those who want to learn, develop, and grow with those who have the experience to share and give back to the PMO and project management community. 

Then, on October 19, The PMO Squad hosted the third Annual PMO Leader Conference. This global event brought together industry experts from around the world to share their insights and expertise. Our follow-the-sun format continued over two days and included over 18 hours of interactive sessions with dozens of speakers delivering on the theme, Empowering Project Management Excellence. Didn’t make it in person? No problem,  you can watch the replay for free!  

November - Formed Second Technology Partnership with TransparentChoice 

Speaking of global, we solidified our second Technology partnership in November with our UK Partner, TransparentChoice. Billed as software that transforms the way you make decisions, TransparentChoice can help you with project prioritization, strategic alignment and collaborative decision making. It’s yet another Technology tool in The PMO Squad’s arsenal to help you and your PMOs perform better. 

November - The PMO Squad Received HIRE Vets Award 3rd Year in a Row 

We were also honored in November to receive the HIRE Vets platinum award recognizing our efforts to recruit, employ, and retain veterans. This is the third year in a row that we have earned this meaningful award, and we look to keep the streak alive in 2024. 

December - Brought on Additional Talent to The PMO Squad to Run Sales and Professional Services 

We ended the year strong by bringing in a Director of Sales, Catina Bell,  and a Director of Professional Services, Frank Azimpour, to join our Director of Technology (Nicole Pietrangelo) and Director of Operations (Jerome MacDonald). You can read more about both hires and what they will be doing in the next article.  

So, what have these new partnerships, hires, technologies, and giving back to the PMO community resulted in for The PMO Squad in 2023? Nearly a 400% increase in revenue! Yes, you read that right, The PMO Squad is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the Southwest and across the United States!  Why? Because our current clients appreciate the value we bring and continue to expand The PMO Squad’s footprint in their organizations. And for this we thank our very loyal clients. 

What’s next? More growth (both revenue and clients) as we move into 2024. Read more about our exciting plans in the article “2024 - The Year in PREview.” 

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