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2024 - The Year in PREview

Jan 11, 2024
2024 - The Year in PREview

Movie trailers spark our imaginations. We envision a world that’s been taken over by aliens, or has succumbed to evil superpowers, or that we ourselves are transported back to a simpler time and place. Why? Because movie makers want us to get so excited about an upcoming release that it becomes the next Hollywood blockbuster. 

Well, The PMO Squad is doing a bit of a trailer too. This article highlights some of the exciting things we see “coming soon”. We’d love you to join us on this amazing journey in 2024 and make it another blockbuster year! 

New Leadership 

First up are our two new December hires: Catina Bell, Director of Client Success and Frank Azimpour, Director of Professional Services. 

Catina, a Sales and Customer Success professional with 25 years’ experience working alongside Fortune 500 executive teams as well as scalable startups, will be responsible for our Sales and Customer Service teams. She specializes in relaying detailed and accurate product and service information to potential customers and successfully developing and growing sales and customer service teams that focus on the customer journey. We’re glad Catina has joined our journey at The PMO Squad! 

Frank has over 15 years’ experience in Operations and Project Management and thrives in fast-paced and evolving markets. Frank loves driving process improvements and spearheading business initiatives aimed at bolstering customer success. During one of his recent engagements, he steered Q-nomy, Inc.’s Toronto office from a modest team of three people to a formidable force of 80+ dedicated IT professionals. We’re looking forward to Frank doing the same for The PMO Squad! 

Catina and Frank will join Jerome MacDonald, our Director of Operations, and Nicole Pietrangelo, our Director of Technology.  We also have an exciting announcement coming up on January 22nd when we announce the new Director of Marketing!  Many of you may already know her as she’s already a Marketing leader in our industry.  By the end of January we will have our very diverse, energetic, and effective leadership team in place to drive our growth in 2024. 

Exciting Growth 

What will our new leadership team be focused on? Growth! Growth! And Growth!  This growth will come from a number of areas: 

  • Delight our Current Clients - We’re proud to say that we experienced nearly a 400% increase in revenue during 2023 while maintaining an extremely high level of satisfaction with our clients. Our current clients have appreciated the value The PMO Squad brings and we want to match their loyalty with continued exceptional service. 
  • Provide New Services - The PMO Squad looks to expand beyond Consulting, Staffing and Workshops in 2024. Our new leadership team is looking to provide new services, such as Project Management training; to doubling down on our Technology offerings; to expanding our consulting practices; and to providing other services that will help you deliver projects better. Our goal? Double our capabilities by the end of December 2024. 
  • Bring on New Clients - Finally, we are going to scale our existing services. Our new leadership team has vast expertise at operationalizing systems and processes which will allow us to increase our client base two-fold by the end of 2024, while providing the same level of service and focus for all clients.  

Increased Focus 

The Organizational Project Delivery Journey is one of The PMO Squad’s biggest differentiators and an area that is going to receive a lot of focus in the coming year. We realize that PMO maturation takes time, and each step of this journey requires new skills to be learned, processes put in place, and cultures to be developed. 

Not sure what the Organizational Project Delivery Journey is? Here’s a quick refresher: Each organization travels a unique path that goes through 1) Ad Hoc Project Management, 2) Standardizing Project Delivery, 3) Organizational Project Delivery, 4) Strategic Project Delivery, and 5) Generating Value. It’s important to know where you are on this journey and how you can move forward.  

You will be hearing A LOT more about this logical, yet profound, way of building a successful PMO in 2024.  

And What Will PMO Joe Be Doing? 

Breathing a sigh of relief and wearing a lot fewer hats! PMO Joe has been running The PMO Squad for over a decade now, sitting in every possible seat necessary to grow a successful business. With the addition of new leadership, more growth, and increased focus, PMO Joe can spend even more time on the vision and strategy of The PMO Squad. This will also allow him to forge new partnerships and build relationships designed to offer even more choices and better service. 

Who knows, he may even get behind the mic every now and then and record some new episodes of Project Management Office Hours! 

That’s just a glimpse into a few of the things that will be coming up in 2024. Thanks to everyone who has been with us in 2023, and we look forward to another great year together!

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