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3 Ways to Beat the Clock

pmo project delivery project management project success staffing Oct 08, 2023
3 Ways to Beat the Clock

There’s a saying in sports that goes, “We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time.” Is that how this year is looking for you? The year began with plenty of time on the clock, but now that the last quarter has begun, you may be wondering where the time went, and how you will get the mountain of work ahead of you done to make this a winning year.  

What can you do? Put extra players on the field! 

3 Ways to Get More Done by the End of the Year 

42% of hiring managers report not having enough project managers, and 53% report inadequate resource management as their top challenges. If you can relate to either statistic, consider the following options for getting more done by the end of the year. 

  • Direct Placement - You can expand your internal team with direct hires, and with the help of The PMO Squad, find top notch Project Management talent. This talent can range from Project Managers, PMO Leaders, to Agile team members. 
  • Temp to Hire - This is the “try before you buy” model. You think you have a need for project management resources but are not quite sure. The PMO Squad can help you find people to work on a temporary basis, and then later, you can determine if there’s an ongoing need and assess how they fit into your culture. 
  • Contract - If you know that your project management needs are temporary, this option is for you. The PMO Squad can help you find exceptional talent to drive your strategic projects and supplement your existing project management talent with short-term hires. 

The Benefits of Working with The PMO Squad 

There are many benefits of working with The PMO Squad to fill your project management staffing needs. Depending upon which model you choose, these include: 

  • Flexibility - Businesses are ever changing, which means you also need to change with these demands. There could be looming deadlines that need to be met, seasonal demands, or unexpected employee absences. The PMO Squad can help you scale up or down. 
  • Reduced Recruitment Time - People are hard to find, especially if recruiting is not one of your strengths. We can reduce this time exponentially by tapping into our expansive network of tried-and-true talent. 
  • Cost Effectiveness - Rather than commit to a full-time employee that needs to be trained and has additional overhead in the form of benefits, why not get an experienced resource for exactly the time you need and at an affordable “all-in” cost? That’s what The PMO Squad provides. 
  • Fresh Perspectives - There’s nothing like a fresh set of eyes on a problem that won’t go away. Our resources can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your company as well as offer innovative solutions to problems and introduce new approaches to getting things done. 

If you find the clock is quickly running out but you still want to win the game this year, contact us for your project management resource needs. The PMO Squad can get you exactly what you need when you need it. And this will be one of those rare times a penalty flag won’t be thrown because there are extra players on the field! 

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