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The Crucial Role of Executive Support for PMOs

Jun 26, 2024

What if I told you PMO success rate increases by 30% when a PMO has full executive support vs. none or minimal support? According to recent project management industry research, the effectiveness of a PMO is significantly influenced by the level of executive support it receives.

Let’s delve into some of the revealing statistics and explore what PMOs supported by executives are doing and what PMOs not supported by executives are experiencing.

First, let’s review what level of support are PMOs receiving overall. With 20% of organizations citing stakeholder satisfaction as an indicator of project success, the report highlights project professionals and what level of support their PMO receives.

 What level of executive support does your PMO receive?

So, what are those that are receiving support from their executives doing?

The top three factors in which PMOs receive executive support include:

  • Alignment with strategic goals: Executives are more likely to support PMOs that clearly demonstrate their projects’ alignment with the broader organizational strategy.
  • Visibility of project successes: PMOs that effectively showcase their successes and their impact on the organization gain trust and support from executives.
  • Strong PMO leadership: Leadership within the PMO that commands respect and demonstrates competence is crucial for gaining executive buy-in.

 View the complete results below:


While the above showcases what PMOs that receive executive support are doing.
On the flip side, let’s take a look at the factors that result in PMOs not receiving executive support.

The top reason for PMOs to not receive executive support is lacking the understanding of PMO value with 93% saying this contributes to the lack of support. The overwhelming majority of unsupported PMOs face a fundamental issue—executives simply do not grasp the value the PMO brings.

Other factors include:

  • Previous negative experiences with PMO: Past failures or inefficiencies can taint the perception of the PMO, making it difficult to earn trust.
  • Competing priorities in the organization: When other initiatives are seen as more critical, the PMO may be sidelined.
  • Misalignment of organizational objectives: If the PMO’s goals do not align with those of the organization, it will struggle to gain support.
  • Lack of skilled personnel within PMO: A PMO lacking skilled staff is less likely to deliver results, thereby undermining confidence in its capabilities.

 View complete results below:


The statistics highlight the critical need for PMOs to secure and maintain executive support. Success rate of PMOs with full support from executives is 75%, which is 30% higher than those receiving no or minimal executive support.

For PMOs currently enjoying strong support, the focus should be on sustaining and leveraging this backing to drive project success. For those struggling, understanding the reasons behind the lack of support and addressing these issues head-on is essential. By aligning with strategic goals, demonstrating value, and building strong leadership, PMOs can transform their standing within the organization and drive significant, positive change.

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