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2024 PMO Research Report 

The PMO Squad's research report is BACK! We are excited to publish and distribute the 2024 PMO Research Report that covers all things PMOs - people, processes, technology, success, executive support and more! 

Let the 2024 PMO Research Report serve as your glimpse at the state of PMOs in 2024. See how PMOs across the globe are doing, reflect on how well your PMO is performing, and then decide what changes to make to transform your PMO in the year ahead! 

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What can you expect from the report?

Below are a few reasons why the 2024 PMO Research Report is worth reading: 

  • Insight from a Diverse Set of Respondents - A global community was surveyed from January 2024 to February 2024 with 160+ responses  across a number of industries and companies of all sizes. Respondents included executives, PMO leaders, consultants, and project managers.
  • Critical Findings that Capture the Current State of PMOs - Every survey has something that stands out and the 2024 PMO Research Report is no different. Themes quickly emerged that show the PMO industry is in trouble. For example, 70% don’t measure PMO value; a meager 61% rate themselves as successful.
  • The Difference between Capability and Maturity - In the Project Economy where organizations are becoming more dependent on change and project outcomes, PMOs are in the spotlight.  Historically, our Project Management industry has utilized PMO Maturity models as a guide to building long-lasting successful PMOs.  However, as we all know project success rates have not risen at the pace we all expect. The better option for PMO Leaders is to drive Organizational Capability.
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How You Can Use This Report 

The 2024 PMO Research Report is of no use if you just read it and stash it away in a drawer somewhere. Use the 2024 PMO Research Report to: 

  • Get Ahead of the Challenges Facing PMOs -  Learn from what other PMO Leaders are experiencing and avoid unnecessary challenges using the guidance of successful PMOs today.
  • Serve As a Roadmap to Transform Your PMO - Now that you know what’s ahead, come up with a plan for how you will avoid the challenges facing other PMOs. That’s what PMO leadership is all about, making changes today that will benefit and bring value to your organization tomorrow. 
  • Reinforce Your Partnerships - Whether it be with your executives or partnering with external teams to hire top project management talent, establishing those partnerships are extremely important in delivering projects better for the organization.

Download Your Copy of the 2024 PMO Research Report Today!

Download the 2024 PMO Research Report today for the insight you need to transform your PMO in 2024.

You’ll not only improve yourself and your team in the year ahead, but more importantly, make your PMO an indispensable part of your organization.  

Download Your Complimentary Copy