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Unlocking Project Management Talent Acquisition Challenges

Apr 25, 2024
Unlocking Project Management Talent Acquisition

Resource Management is a perpetual hurdle for Project Management Office (PMO) leaders, with talent acquisition being a pivotal aspect. In a recent report, project professionals shed light on the challenges and trends surrounding the acquisition of project management talent.

Let’s delve into the key findings and explore strategies for overcoming these challenges.

  1. Utilization of Temporary Project Management Talent

According to the 2024 PMO Research Report, a overwhelming 77% of organizations use temporary project management resources, with 43% frequently relying on contracted staff. This underscores the dynamic nature of project management needs and the necessity for flexible staffing solutions.

  1. Criteria for External Staffing Partners

When partnering with external staffing services, organizations prioritize several key criteria:

  • Expertise in specific industries (22%)
  • Compatibility with organization’s culture and values (21%)
  • Flexibility in meeting resource demands (20%)
  • Competitive pricing for services (17%)
  • Recommendations from previous clients (8%)
  • Other factors (12%)

These criteria reflect the multifaceted requirements organizations seek in external partners to fulfill their project management talent needs effectively.

  1. Top Challenges in Project Management Talent Acquisition

The top challenges organizations face in acquiring project management talent include:

These challenges highlight the complexities of talent acquisition in a competitive global market and the evolving dynamics of remote work environments.

  1. Embracing Remote Project Management Resources

 Despite the challenges PMOs face in project management talent acquisition, 73% of respondents believe remote PMO resources can be as effective as on-site resources. This shift signifies the adaptability of organizations post-pandemic, enabling access to top talent worldwide while ensuring project success along the way.

  1. Effective Staff Augmentation Methods

The report indicates that 72% of organizations are looking for some sort of temporary project management resources, showcasing a shift towards outsourced models, known as PMO as a Service. This trend reflects organizations' reliance on external expertise to augment internal teams effectively.

  1. Challenges in Finding Specific Resources

56% of respondents cited finding experienced project managers the most challenging role for organizations to find. Other roles that are challenging to find include Change Management Experts (26%), Project Portfolio Managers (22%), and PMO Leaders (17%).

What roles are the most challenging for your organization to find?


  1. Partnering with Specialized Talent Providers

Considering these challenges, organizations benefit from partnering with specialized project management talent providers. Such partners offer access to skilled talent, rapid response times, and support for diverse staffing models, ultimately enhancing project delivery and achieving organizational goals.

What are some of the benefits of partnering with the right project management talent acquisition firm:

  1. Industry expertise: The right partner knows the industry including the specific skillsets required for your specialized project management roles. That said, a PM talent acquisition firm that understands project management is incredible important in ensuring the right resources are selected for the right roles.
  2. Quick to place top-talent: With a partner that has an established network of qualified candidates ready for their next role, you are able to quickly place top-talent in project management roles that are crucial to executing projects and delivering results for your business.
  3. Pre-screened candidates: A partner can save you time in screening talent with comprehensive, pre-screening of all candidates for your project management roles. This not only saves you time, but ensures you’re provided with top-talent with the skillsets you need to deliver projects better.

The combination of the above, make for the right partner to execute your project management talent acquisition. 

In conclusion, navigating the complexities of project management talent acquisition requires a strategic approach and the right partner. By leveraging external partners with expertise in project management, organizations can overcome challenges, access top talent globally, and drive project success in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

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