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E82 Strategic Implementations with Antonio Nieto Rodriquez

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Antonio Nieto Rodriquez joins Joe Pusz to chat about #strategyimplementation and reinventing #projectmanagement . Antonio is a leading expert in Project Management and Strategy Implementation, recognized by Thinkers50 with the prestigious award “Ideas into Practice.”

Antonio and Joe discuss this year's trend: Strategic Implementation. “The most significant disruption of the 21st century is not technology, artificial intelligence or big data, but it is the way organizations and countries will be managed – through Projects.” -Antonio.

Take a step back to discuss the impact value and the benefits of project management evolution. We often don’t know the value and what we need to deliver at first. By understanding the evolution of the process, we can progress further with our projects.

Antonio urges us to re-invent the wheel and open new doors. We change the world with projects. We as PM’s get to create and develop these fascinating outcomes, but we sometimes might get lost in the noise. It’s our job to change the mindset and deliver new ideas. “Start thinking about how you would reinvent the PMO and the tools we have to deliver something further?” -Antonio. By developing something stronger, we are implementing new ways of understanding the project management tools and knowledge we have now to advance our career.

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