E67 Learning from the ProjectManager.com Success Story

Season #1

Have you thought about starting up a Project Management SaaS company? Are you curious about how to leverage your experience as a Project Manager to solve technology problems? In this episode we hear from Jason Westland who is the CEO of ProjectManager.com.

Jason founded the award-winning business ProjectManager.com, a SaaS product that is used in over 100 countries by organizations like NASA and The United Nations. He shares his origin story how a lunch break in a industry conference jump started his idea to become a reality. We learn the many lessons learned and risks he has worked through building the company to the success it is today.

His journey includes time in France, New Zealand and eventually the US. Jason shares the importance of listening to your customer and having a Board to advise and keep you focused on your targets. We also hear about the ProjectManager.com features and complimentary content they provide to assist PMs.

Founded in 2008 ProjectManager.com offers advanced level project management features with a simple-to-use interface that requires no training for teams and no expensive consultant onboarding costs. ProjectManager.com is used by IT, marketing, manufacturing and professional services teams in many industries to collaborate on projects in their organizations.

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