E66 Driving Value as a Digital Project Manager

Season #1

What is a Digital Project Manager? How is this different than a traditional Project Manager? In this episode we hear from Ben Aston who is the founder of The Digital Project Manager Community.

Ben is a community builder, podcast host, and leader in the project management industry. He shared with us his journey from Developer and Accidental PM to Digital Producer and Digital Project Manager. Ben provides insights into the benefits of being a member in the Digital Project Manager community and working closely with his peers. He offers perspective on alternatives to the PMBOK, Agile & Waterfall project management, how DPMs have been able to adjust to our COVID world and so much more.

Founded in 2011 The Digital Project Manager has become one of the largest and most credible platforms for digital project management information and thought leadership.

The Digital Project Manager (DPM) has how-to guides, articles on project management and software, best practices, hacks for productivity, podcasts, and other resources to get you started leading projects in a digital world.

The Digital Project Manager - www.thedigitalprojectmanager.com
The DPM Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-digital-project-manager-podcast/id1262608127

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