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E60 Understanding Mindfulness and Meditation from Jon Macaskill

Season #1

How can Mindfulness and Meditation benefit your life and relationships? In this episode we hear from Veteran Navy Seal Commander Jon Macaskill to learn the events which lead him to pursue mindfulness and meditation.

Jon recently retired from the Navy and joined us from the road as he and his family are touring the country in an RV. Jon also shares the history of Veteran's Path, a Non-Profit organization supporting Veterans with mindfulness and meditation. Jon hosts the Veteran's Path podcast speaking with a diverse set of leaders who share their mindfulness journey.

Jon also shared the story behind the Scrum on the Go board that he helped developed with his partners. This mobile Scrum Board is a perfect tool for individuals, teams, and families looking to organize and make progress on their activities.

This was a great light-hearted discussion that covered plenty of ground and we got to meet Jon's dog who was riding shotgun for the interview. Thanks to Jon for his service to our country and for taking time to share his story with all of us.

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