E41Dealing with Meeting Goblins and How to be an effective Leader for Millennials and Xennials.

Season #2

Are you effective in facilitating Project Meetings? Are you struggling with the shifting landscape within IT as a PMO leader? We cover these questions and a broad list of topics in this fast moving show with Rich Maltzman, Jim Stewart, and Janelle Lee.

Rich and Jim give us the backstory and details on their book, How to Facilitate Productive Project Planning Meetings: A Practical Guide to Ensuring Project Success. Learn how to get past the goblins impacting your meetings. Jim and Rich also share tips and techniques from the book to provide practical solutions to be more effective.

Janelle shares her story and career path leading to a PMO leader role within a Fortune 500 organization. She discusses leading X-ennials and Millennials, how the PMO is involved in organizational transformation and also the shifting landscape within IT. We also hear Janelle discuss Maggie's Place which provides shelter, life-changing programs, and services for pregnant and parenting women and children. Visit www.maggiesplace.org to learn more and see how you can assist.
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