E39 Learning from Project Aristotle and Psychological Safety for Project Managers

Season #2

Are you familiar with Project Aristotle? It was an internal project at Google working to answer the question, "What makes a team effective at Google?” Listen to hear Carole Osterweil and Bruce Kilbourn discuss the results.

We spend the good part of this show discussing teams and how to make them most effective. Carole shares her experiences researching and writing her book, "Project Delivery, Uncertaintly and Neuroscience, A Leader's Guide to Walking in Fog." She shares about the Project Stress Cycle, Psychological Safety, and the 3 part brain.

Bruce shares his story as a Leader starting with his time in the US Military and then into corporate America. We hear differences in team dynamics between Military teams and Corporate teams. Bruce also shares his experiences and tools he's used to help make his PMO successful, providing practical tools and tips.

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