E35 Using tools such as Steerio and CVI to improve your project and team performance.

Season #2

What tools are you using to improve your project team performance? In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, we learn about the benefits of using Steerio and CVI.

Nicolas Breeson joined us live from Munich, Germany and shared the Steerio story. He shares how augmented project teams and continuous feedback loops are important for project success. Listen to gain insight on the benefits of consistent feedback from your project team with anonymous surveys.

Katharine Halpin shared her story of trying to find the right role for herself and how that lead to a career helping others do the same. She shares the impact and success she has experienced with organizations of all sizes using the CVI, Core Value Index.

Both Steerio and CVI are tools PMs can utilize that you won't hear about in standard PM training sessions. They are people tools, they will help you improve your performance as you better understand the performance of your team.

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