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E84 Channel Your Curiosity with Carsten Ley

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Carsten Ley shares his journey with us through navigating the project management world, globally. Carsten Ley and PMO Joe discuss topics about being open-minded, curious, and having cross-functional thinking.

After 20+ years working in Deloitte Germany, VW Mexico, Rolls-Royce UK and Lazada Vietnam, he founded Asia PMO in 2018. Carsten shares his experiences traveling, exploring new cultures in different countries, and the international reach and familiarity of Project Management and PMOs from a global perspective. The more open you are to taking risks and challenges, the more you’ll explore what’s out there.

We familiarize ourself with the idea of channeling your curiosity in to something you're passionate about. Stop the questioning and start today. “The moment you go full power in, things happen because before when you do it only on a Saturday, Sunday, and you say, oh, I have to come over a certain threshold, you may not reach that threshold because you don't go full power in.” -Carsten Ley

We realize as we listen it’s about the customer journey and what the customer experience is defined as: the essence of the company. Carsten Ley has just the answers you need.

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