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E86 Understanding Change Management with Tim Creasey

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Tim Creasey joins PMO Joe to discuss Change Management, ADKAR, Prosci, and the Boston Red Sox.

“My personal AHA! is to help people see change. The challenges of change is unlockable because most of the time I think we have the answers within and how do we see the challenges in front of us is something that we can unlock.” -Tim Creasey

PMO Joe and Tim talk about using complimentary disciplines with a common objective. Project Management and Change Management are complementary in nature in terms of aligning on the fact that we're both here to land this change to the best value to the organization. Tim suggests that if we agree on the horizon, change management and project management are expected allies, or expected collaborators in that journey.

“Project management prepares the solution for the organization. Change management prepares the organization for the solution.”

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