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E87 The story of The Lucky PM with Marisa Silva

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM, joins PMO Joe to discuss PMOs, Project Management in the education system, advice for project managers, navigating your journey throughout the project management world, and becoming The Lucky PM.

Marisa is the author of “Bedtime Stories for Project Managers” where it combines both the fairytale aspect of a bedtime story with relating it to real work project management scenarios. She is a Senior Consultant at Wellingtone, a UK-based leading project management consulting firm dedicated to enable step change in organizational PPM maturity.

PMO Joe and Marisa discuss the importance of Project Management in the education system. What is special about PM? What makes PM so valuable to learn in school for success in the future?

Marisa talks about how she came up with the title of The Lucky PM, I really do feel lucky to work in a profession that I love and the clients that I work with. The more you plan the luckier you’ll get -Marisa.

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