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E88 Putting Agility into Governance with Fatimah Abbouchi

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours Fatimah Abbouchi joins PMO Joe for another fast paced discussion! They discuss the topics of Mental Health and Anxiety, Work Transformations, and Agile in the Australian landscape, even swimming lessons! 

“When I realized it was the mindset shift that was holding me back, the fear, the anxiety and the mindset I was able to actually get really good. And I think I've improved to a point, if you throw me in the deep end, I probably could survive. Unlike in high school, where I nearly drowned.” -Fatimah Abbouch

PMO Joe and Fatimah talk about the capability of the workplace and how covid has transformed the way of working. “It needs to be about the capability that we want to bring in and how we bridge that gap between the agile environment and the non-agile environment.” -Fatima. With 90% of the Agile training being received online and paid for the individual itself, the capacity in the workplace is shifting, forcing us to have a different set of capabilities to deliver value back to the company. 

On top of that, increasing productivity and collaboration in a remote world, but how might we do this? “I basically say it's about putting agility into governance, not putting governance into agile.” Fatimah Abbouchi 

Listen to Fatimah and PMO Joe discuss further about these topics in E. 88 on Project Management Office Hours


A CEO, writer, speaker and host of the ‘Agile Ideas’ podcast, Fatimah has appeared in The Age, UK Business Telegraph, PM Review Magazine China, Business Chick’s ‘Latte Magazine’ and featured on and just recently been named as one of the Top 100 LinkedIn Power Profiles in Australia.

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