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E100 Celebrating 100 PMOH Episodes with Asya Watkins and Kim Essendrup

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe celebrates his 100th show milestone with special guests Asya Watkins and Kim Essendrup! Making it to the 100th episode of a podcast is a milestone worth celebrating and taking time to reflect on the people and stories shared along the journey. As successful podcast hosts themselves, Asya and Kim also share the lessons they’ve learned, the guests with the biggest impact, the guests who they are chasing, and the communities they’ve built.

Asya is the host of the Women of Project Management podcast and founder of the WoPM community. She started the community because she couldn’t find one that already existed to match what she needed. Asya shared with us, “I know a lot of people when they start businesses, they do the research and who else is out there? And I really couldn't find it or I would have just joined it. And so, I just decided to go ahead and start it. And so now I'm just so grateful that we get to have these beautiful conversations, we get to learn. But it is something also about being able just to see other women that look like you and that are thriving in their careers and that there's no titles, they let down those titles, there's no ego and we share.”

We also reflected on some of our favorite shows and guests. Kim is one of the co-hosts of Project Management Happy Hour with his co-host Kate Anderson. Kim shared one recent show and a discussion they had with Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci. He shared, “I have to say, I have a professional man crush on Tim Creasey. It's just brilliant. I just love any conversation we have with him.” He added, “It was really nice talking with him. He had a number of different topics he talked us through when it came to change management. And so many of them were really so profound that I found myself quoting content from the show to my colleagues, to my partners and then at home, which I like what you're talking about, but it just really changed the way I think about change and the way people go through change. It was really profound for me”.

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