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E114 Learning with Games with Andrea Clinton and Daniel Zitter

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Andrea Clinton and Daniel Zitter.  Prior to this discussion we all participated in a Workshop using the Project Management Board game led by Daniel.  The discussion included lessons learned during the workshop, the benefits of games for learning, the next generation of PMs, as well as the career transition Andrea recently experienced and how her long project management career helped with the change.   

Andrea Clinton is a career project manager and leader.  She has dedicated her expansive 25 year career to the craft of project management. She has worked across industries from education to manufacturing, software development to data center design/build, gaining experience at variety of companies from small start-ups to Fortune 5 companies such as Apple.

Daniel Zitter loves project management, and he's happy to tell anyone who will listen! He appreciates the complexities of managing a project. He enjoys discussing it with others and teaching the methodologies, thought processes and how to deal with the questions and challenges that are sure to arise.  He is Co-Founder of PM Zone and the Project Management Board game.

If you’re wondering does playing a board game simulate running a project and what can you learn from the game, here is what Andrea had to say, “As we were working through the program, within our gameplay, if you will, you think that you're going to start working on your tasks and you have them all lined up and you're thinking, what could possibly go wrong? I've got this, this is totally easy. And then before you know it, there's a risk thrown up and you have to stop and address that risk or there's a constraint that comes up and then you have to turn around and go backwards or have to try and borrow resources from somewhere else.” 

We train our youth with games all the time whether in school, at home, or activities.  Gaming helps to break down any barriers which might pop up when you are “supposed to be learning”.  The fun and excitement of the gaming workshop allows players, Project Managers, to experience situations and learn together building stronger teams and better situational awareness.

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