THE PMO SQUAD is a National Project Management Consulting firm that helps our clients deliver key strategic initiatives better than they are doing today.  We believe in People over Process and Outcomes over Audits.  We believe in supporting our local communities and those in need as strongly as supporting clients within the global Project Management community.  Our Services include Staffing temporary and permanent Project Management and Agile resources, PMO and Project Management Consulting to deliver PMO Improvements, Project Delivery and Rescue, Project Management and Agile training, Agile Transformation, and Coaching your Agile or Project Management leaders. 


March 3, 2013

THE PMO SQUAD was started in 2013 by world-renowned PMO Influencer Joe Pusz, PMO Joe.  Joe had been a PMO leader within multiple industries and various size companies across his career.  Although the organizations were different he noticed some common challenges they faced in successfully delivering projects.  The challenges included limited Executive support, limited Organizational buy-in, and limited support from Professional Services firms.  Rather than complain about the challenges PMO Joe decided to be the solution.  With that mindset THE PMO SQUAD has been building solutions for PMO Leaders across the US and internationally.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

To find my tribe I knew I needed to build an organization that was exclusively focused on Project Management and Delivery.  I lived the Corporate life with great success but never felt as if those organizations understood nor appreciated the value of successful delivery. 

Joe Pusz, Founder THE PMO SQUAD


People over Process

Empowering People to Deliver Results.

Agile, Hybrid, or Traditional Project Management methodologies and processes are always secondary to us.  The approach, methodology, process or tool are always driven by people.  We put people at the forefront to ensure our client solutions stand the test of time.  The PMO Leader must be a Leader first ensuring the delivery team is empowered to drive successful outcomes for the organization.  


Drive Value

Our Mission is to enable organizations to gain Competitive Advantage through Excellence in Project Delivery.

We deploy the best team in the industry to deliver Agile, Hybrid and Traditional Project Management solutions and resources to clients across the world.  We serve multiple industries and we support clients of all sizes from the local start-up to global Fortune 200 conglomerates.  All companies have projects but few companies deliver projects successfully.  Get a step up on your competitors by outperforming them on your key strategic initiatives.


We are proud to support so many causes within our communities.  Contact us to learn how we can get you started.


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