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Our Beginning

THE PMO SQUAD was formed in Atlanta, GA in 2013 by Founder and CEO Joe Pusz. The idea back then was a simple one, get out from under the controls of Corporate America and start Advancing Project Management Best Practices One Client At A Time. That 1st client willing to take a chance on THE PMO SQUAD enabled us to start a fantastic success story which continues to evolve as we expand to the vibrant Phoenix market. Our bi-coastal Atlanta-Phoenix operations give us access to top Consultants, diverse client needs, and a truly national perspective to continue Advancing Project Management Best Practices!

The Natural Born Project Manager




In the late 1990s Joe stumbled upon something early in his career. He learned he had an innate ability to organize tasks and resources to help clients become more efficient using software solutions. Working as a System Consultant for a Software vendor in the Automotive space at the time, Joe worked onsite every day with clients. When the clients purchased new software Joe would lead them through the implementation, providing training, support, and plenty of hand holding! He also coordinated with the engineering and sales teams to ensure the proper configurations were implemented. It was during this time that he first became exposed to formal project management and discovered he is a Natural Born Project Manager.

Joe worked his way up the ranks following a traditional Project Management career track, PM to Program Manager to Manager and eventually the Executive Director level. During his Corporate career, Joe managed resources, teams, and budgets in various industries including Aerospace & Defense, Aviation, Banking, Finance, Technology, and Healthcare.

Over this period of career growth Joe was fortunate to be exposed to several Executive mentors who helped shape his understanding of Organizations, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Financial Responsibility and most importantly how to be a true Leader, respected by his peers. This real world experience running projects, programs and leading PMOs laid the foundation for Joe to branch out and start up a consulting firm focused exclusively on Project Management and with an appreciation for what it takes to be successful delivering Enterprise level Strategic initiatives.

Breaking the Mold of Traditional Project Management Consulting

When Joe started THE PMO SQUAD he knew this was an opportunity to create a unique company.  One that took the best of what he learned from his Corporate experience but also one that delivered Services unlike traditional Project Management Consulting firms.  
The 5 pillars THE PMO SQUAD was built upon are:

     1) We only deliver Project Management related Services
     2) We are a Professional Services firm, not a Staffing Agency
     3) We develop long term partnerships with our clients
     4) We innovate and deliver unique Project Management Services
 We respect our SQUAD allowing them to grow personally and professionally

We are proud to say we have held firm to these pillars.  We are an industry leader in offering innovative solutions such a PMO as a Service and have focused all client engagements exclusively on Project Management Services.  We remain steadfast in our belief that we are a Professional Services firm and will not compromise our quality to complete with volume based Staffing firms.  We are Project Management experts and deliver comprehesive solutions traditional firms can't match.  Our 3 lines of business covering PMO & Project Management Consulting, Project Management Resources & Training and Project Management Software are unmatched as we deliver solutions across the US.

Our Growth and Our Future

Dana DiGerolami

Dana DiGerolami

SVP Software &

Our approach to Project Management Consulting has been well received by our clients and we continue to be recognized as leaders in our field.  We have appeared in several print articles and appeared on multiple radio shows.  Our latest venture is our expansion into Phoenix.  With this expansion we have opened a new line of business for us by introducing our Project Management Software Services under the leadership of Dana DiGerolami.  Dana has an extensive background leading projects, programs and teams for respected organizations such as American Airlines, US Airways, Motorola and Lucent Technologies.  Prior to joining THE PMO SQUAD, Dana was Principal Managing Consultant with Planview, a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for PPM solutions.  While at Planview Dana worked with high profile clients such as Pratt & Whitney, University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Apria Healthcare and many more.  Our addition of these Project Management Software services aligns with our pillar to innovate and provide unique Project Management Services.  

What does the future hold for THE PMO SQUAD?  What we can answer with confidence and certainty is that we will remain true to our 5 pillars.  We will continue to be focused on providing customers solutions which are value driven.  We will continue to be evangelists for Project Management. We will continue to find innovative partnerships, services, and techniques to Advance Project Management Best Practices on client at a time!