E98 Getting shIT Done with Bruno Morgante

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Bruno Morgante and PMO Joe discussed how he started in the PMO space, PM Training, and the powerful impact of Mentoring.  

Some themes of the show were mentorship and leadership, along with personal and career development. Bruno Morgante’s unique story of getting started in the mentor space allowed him to share his knowledge with others. “Having someone who has been there and has gone through what you are going through or what you want to go through and is there to help you to guide you through that journey. It is not only a big added value for the mentee, but also for the mentor.” -Bruno  

Bruno enjoys solving problems, inspiring others, and accomplishing his goals. He solves problems and delivers results. As a Mentor, he helps young individuals and people in need by providing ‘pro bono’ guidance, support and advice about Leadership, Personal Development, Career Development, PMO, Portfolio, Program and Project Management.  

The mutual growth Bruno and the mentees have is a truly enriching experience. It’s a conversation where you get with somebody that has been where you are going. It's an opportunity for you to be able to listen to what they have done in their career. “That was when I decided that I absolutely wanted to give back to society. So, I decided to carve out a lot of my free time to support people. Then, I started doing much more mentoring, Pro-Bono mentoring online on different platforms, of course, like the mentoring club being the biggest one, which is a nonprofit organization based here in Berlin.” -Bruno  

As a #IamRemarkable Certified Facilitator, Bruno is part of a global community of people who are passionate about helping women and underrepresented groups promote themselves in the workplace and beyond. 


Listen to the full episode: https://www.thepmosquad.com/podcasts/project-management-office-hours/episodes/2147691055  


Connect with Bruno:  

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/brunomorgante/ 


To catch up on previous episodes or see the guest list for upcoming shows visit the Project Management Office Hours website - https://lnkd.in/g_zP8gU8 


To catch up on previous episodes or see the guest list for upcoming shows visit the Project Management Office Hours website - https://www.thepmosquad.com/podcast  
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