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E97 Building your Network with Kandis Porter

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Kandis Porter and PMO Joe discussed entrepreneurship in project management and change management space, serving the military, mentorship and much more.   

Some of the themes in the show were building your network, along with helping people. Kandis explains that building your network and explaining the passion you have for something helps create deeper connections with someone. “Project management, change management, that leadership development. I think that's one area that I especially enjoy working with people on, because if you don't have support at that leadership level with project management or with change management, it's going to be a lot harder than it has to be or it's not going to be successful.” -Kandis Porter 

Kandis Porter is the Founder and Managing Director of Effective Flow Connections (EFC), a management consulting company that helps transform organizations through project management, process improvement, change management, facilitation of key meetings, and training. Kandis also works one-on-one with clients, focusing on Leadership development and growth. EFC enables organizations to do what they do, even better! 

Kandis describes the most challenging projects she’s had to face, “I'd say just about any project that involves people is a challenging one. And I say that lightheartedly. That's what makes project management, change management so rewarding as well, because you're making a difference. There's project outcomes and objectives. You're trying to do something. People are everywhere. And if you forget about them, you're not going to succeed with your project.” 

Before joining the consulting industry, Kandis proudly served more than seven years in the United States Air Force and is passionate about giving back to veterans and their families. 

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