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E101 Reimagining work with Tim Creasey

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe chats with the Chief Innovation Officer of Prosci, Tim Creasey. Tim is a returning guest and while they discuss change management, much of the episode is focused on the future of work and reimagining work in our post-covid world. 

Tim Creasey is an author, researcher, and change expert who focuses on the people side of change with process, wit and vigor. Tim’s work forms the foundation of the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci gives him unparalleled insight into change management challenges, trends and futures.  

One of the concepts Tim shared is the mindset of reentry or reimagining the workplace. He said, “even in April 2020, like reentry is you're driving down 15, you get off the highway, get gas, you get back on 15, you reentered the road that you departed from. But the road we were on wasn't going to be there even back in April 2020.” We are now reimagining what work will be like for us.  

The concept of gathering has been lost in some respect as we’ve lived in a remote work environment. Tim shared, “Gathering matters. Even though we can do almost anything apart. Gathering matters. And so how are we going to be strategic, intentional, really thoughtful when we are able to share space and make the most of the time, we share space. And let's not default to thinking we have to share space just because that's the way we used to always do things. 

Tim and PMO Joe continue their discussion about the future of work, reconnecting, technology and the digital revolution. Be sure to catch all the conversations and listen to the full episode: 

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