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Do one thing and do it well.  This explains The PMO Squad and our motivation to deliver the best Project Management and PMO solutions.  We are insanely driven to provide Project Management with Purpose.


The PMO Squad believes we need to be active productive members of our communities. To us community is not just where we live but also our professional community of PMO Leaders and Project Delivery professionals.  We hold multiple certifications for the various project management disciplines available to the profession.  We also maintain active sponsorships, volunteering and mentoring within our community.

For 4 years The PMO Squad has been the sponsor for the Project Management Office Hours podcast which now has over 40 millions downloads.  The show has brought over 100 industry leaders to share their voice to help us learn from their stories as well as collect valuable PDUs to maintain your certifications.  We support our global industry through research, volunteering, presenting, and leadership at events and conferences. 


In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, mentoring plays a crucial role in fostering professional development and driving success. Mentoring is one of the elements behind the concept of continuous development / continuous learning that foster knowledge-sharing, collaboration, personal and professional development. Via mentorship, you can get invaluable guidance and personal support that empower you to grow, excel, and reach your full potential.

With The PMO Leader Mentoring Program we want to support our PM Community by bringing together those we want to learn, develop and grow and those who have the experience and who wants to help others and give back to our community.

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The PMO Squad is a proud supporter of Active Duty Service members, Veterans, and Military Spouses.  We have been awarded the Platinum Medallion by the United States HIRE Vets program!  The HIRE Vets Medallion Award is the only federal-level veterans’ employment award that recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development.

We also support the US Department of Defense Skillbridge Program.   We have hired multiple Veterans to our team from the Skillbridge program through our partnership with 50Strong.  Our commitment is to hire, retain, and support Veterans in the workforce via direct employment on The PMO Squad team, contract engagements with clients, and direct placement opportunities with our partner organizations.  

PMO Joe is a Co-Founder of VPMMA, the Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance.  ​VPMMA is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that provides industry-based project management career mentorship and networking opportunities for our Nation’s great Service-Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses.   Learn more at


The PMO Squad remains an influential member of the global PMO community.  PMO Joe was named one of the 2021 Top 8 PMO Influencers in the World by the PMO Global Alliance after being named Top 15 PMO Influencer in 2020.  Joe serves as a Judge for the PMO Global Awards judging the best PMOs in the world.

The PMO Squad is working with global PMO leaders to build The PMO Leader community.   The PMO Leader community has members from 60+ countries and is striving to become the trusted global hub for Information, Knowledge, Networking, and Services for PMO Leaders.  The PMO Leader also produces original content and industry information with the Great Practices podcast, Certifications Around the World webinar series and upcoming Book Club.  To become a free member and learn more visit



Asana is the #1 software for project management, according to G2¹.

Asana makes it easy to get your most important work done. Increase efficiency to deliver results and hit your goals on every project.  Your most important work happens cross-functionally. But every team has their own goals, style of working, and preferred tools. Asana helps you create repeatable processes to reduce silos and keep everyone aligned across tools and teams.

Get perspective on your universe with tools that deliver global consistency, powerful insights and enterprise-wide visibility. Our alliance focuses on project management discipline to accelerate business outcomes.

Located in Australia? We've partnered with AMO, a boutique project management consulting agency providing business solutions to uplift project management and governance. Our goal is to help organisations like yours achieve their transformation objectives from anywhere in the world!

The Smart PM provides Project Management and Smartsheet expertise as a Smartsheet Aligned Silver Partner. The Smart PM can assess, optimize, or design an effective collaborative work management platform for your PMO or organizational needs. We provide Smartsheet training and augmentation to partner in your success.

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