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Team Building Workshop

​Now, more than ever, we are required to adapt to changes to stay competitive. To do this, we need to maximize our capabilities and empower ourselves and team members. An excellent way to achieve this is by joining with your colleagues and peers for an engaging half day team building workshop. Our Workshop engages your team around the PMZone board game in real life project situations which drives discussion and learning opportunities beyond typical classroom training.

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Play the game. Learn the skills.

Workshop Objectives

Gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and main challenges of project management

  • Improve and reinforce project management skills by simulating real-life challenges​
  • Develop goal-oriented thinking and to achieve value within budget and resource constraints
  • Gather an understanding of the bigger picture and control of the fine details
  • Interactive, hands-on training session to foster experienced based learning rather than a lecture or classroom training from a book.
  • Encourage creative thinking and cooperation​
  • Create a team-building experience​

Earn PDUs

Great for you and your team of project managers! Develop new perspectives and improve your decision-making skills for use in real life projects in the future.   As with any training sessions the time spent learning in our half day Team Building Workshops can be reported to earn PDUs.


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Project Managers Love This Game!

Listen to “PMO Joe” Pusz share his thoughts about the game!

A board game is a great method to capture complex environment for learning purposes through an enjoyable, hands-on experience. The physical aspect of the game; the board, cards, playing pieces, money, etc., creates a feeling that is hard to capture in any other media.

More Testimonials

Indeed a smart simulation board game designed to understand project management in a fun way. My students learned so much in a short time!

Ori Orhof (PhD, PMP)

After doing the workshop I found my team was much more motivated. They started planning in much more detail and managing the projects more closely - and as such, with better results.

Gil Sharabi, VP product & Business Development, Verified Planet Ltd.

A great simulation board game that really captures the complexity of project management. Truly unique, innovative and fun!

Gilad Schlosberg, Sales Coach & Enabler

Improve project management skills

across your team

A well-trained and motivated workforce is an asset of every business and organization. Being able to train others to be effective project managers is a powerful way to strengthen both the employees’ individual knowledge and skills and the company’s human resources. 

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