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Why It’s POSIBLE to be in Business for 10 Years

career change management pmo problem solving project management teams tools Jan 23, 2023
Why It’s POSIBLE to be in Business for 10 Years

It’s incredible to think that The PMO Squad will celebrate its tenth anniversary in March! It seems like yesterday when we opened our doors in Atlanta and served our first customers, Genuine Parts Company and NAPA Auto Parts. While so much has changed over the years, a number of things have remained the same, including what we think is POSIBLE. We believe anything and everything is POSIBLE when people work together bonded by a common purpose.  

Don’t worry, we know how to spell ‘possible;’ rather, POSIBLE makes for a fantastic acronym that captures who we are and how we deliver for our customers. If you’re new to The PMO Squad and not quite sure who we are… hello. If you’re an old friend that’s been with us for a while… hello once again. We appreciate you joining us on this journey. 

So, what is POSIBLE?  

  • Purpose Driven - WHY does your PMO exist and what is its purpose? This is the first question we ask all PMO Leaders. Other firms will immediately start with WHAT you need to do or HOW you need to do it. The PMO Squad is different. Before thinking about the WHAT and HOW, we believe you must have a solid understanding of the WHY and Purpose of your PMO. 
  • Outcomes Focused - We believe it’s important to focus on results over activity. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking value is being delivered because people are busy or that there are 100-slide PowerPoint presentations. But, is your company benefiting from this? We make sure that action yields the right outcomes. 
  • Service Minded - We always remember that it’s not about us. At The PMO Squad, helping others comes first. This is demonstrated through the way we treat our clients and employees, and in making time to give back to our communities. Additionally, The PMO Squad’s Founder, Joe Pusz, co-founded the Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance (VPMMA), which pairs veterans with experienced mentors to help them build project management skills and find employment. 
  • Integrity Always - Doing the right thing is central to everything we do. True, this is easier said than done, but it’s a big part of what makes us different. Integrity is being able to have tough conversations when necessary, saying no to opportunities that we don’t believe would solve our client’s problems, and holding firm to our principles. 
  • Build Inclusion - Diversity and Inclusion have been fostered at The PMO Squad since its beginning, despite modern corporate obsession with it.  We embrace the differences in people and understand that diversity delivers optimal results. Want to see inclusion and diversity in action? Check out The PMO Leader site, a global community started by Joe Pusz that showcases different ideas, opinions, and thoughts from people all over the world. 
  • Leadership Enabled - Enabling leadership means to give people the tools, opportunity and support to lead and make decisions effectively. We believe the PMO Leader must demonstrate leadership first, to ensure the delivery team is able to drive successful outcomes for the organization. 
  • Empower People - Finally, by empowering people, all of our beliefs in what is POSIBLE come together. This means training people and trusting them to make snap decisions on the front lines. Every situation, decision, or problem is going to have its own nuances, and the ability for people to think on their feet ensures the right decisions are being made. 

What outcomes have been produced when project management is delivered with purpose? Listen to what some of our clients say: 

“We thank The PMO Squad for engaging with our organization. We feel because of the engagement we have a solid direction to move forward with.”   
Jed Duff, FirstKey Homes 

“The PMO Squad has been essential to helping us grow two quality PMOs. They are 4 for 4 providing great PMs on a contract-to-hire basis that resulted in full-time conversions.” 
Melissa McDonald, Consumer Cellular 

“The PMO Squad is my first choice for future projects. The PM was the glue that kept this project together, working with internal staff across six US sites and external vendors.” Michael Schnabel, Cirtec Medical 

Interested in getting similar results or seeing what’s POSIBLE with you and your organization? Contact The PMO Squad today to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session with one of our experts so that we can discover your challenges, design your solution, and implement success in your projects! 

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