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E83 Breaking Through Barriers with Erika Flora

Season #4

In this episode Erika Flora joins Joe Pusz in Project Management Office Hours to discuss organizational and personal transformation, defining your organization’s “why” and developing effective listening, coaching, and facilitation skills. Erika is President & CEO of Beyond20, an Industry Leader, Speaker, and Coach. Erika was also the Lead Editor of the core ITIL 4 publication on “Digital and Strategy”.

Erika’s journey has been about exploring possibilities and thinking outside the box “We often make excuses for ourselves, that we can’t do something. Instead, think about the opportunity you have to change your life listening to others and learning new skills.” -Erika

Ask yourself this; are you a glass is half full or half empty type person? Maybe the glass is always full. Listen to hear Erika and PMO Joe discuss and whatever your answer may be, understand there are many ways we can learn in life. However, with learning comes barriers at some point and knowing how to overcome those obstacles will let nothing get in your way. So, go out there and push your boundaries today!

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