E81 Gamification with Daniel Zitter and Hamutal Weisz

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Daniel Zitter and Hamutal Weisz join PMO Joe to discuss gamification concepts and their project management board games. We also hear the humorous story which brought Daniel and Hamutal together to form the PM Zone.

The fun dynamic explains ideas from their book Being a Project Manager that it’s what you have to do as a project manager versus what project management is. "The nature of a plan is to change; the nature of a project is to challenge us. In order to face those challenges and be the person who can lead a project to its successful conclusion, you need to be cool headed.” -Hamutal. Laying a clear path to explain an effective project manager in any project setting is the goal.

Focusing on the principles and practices of project management, they developed the idea of PMzone. Now, PMzone solutions provides all the knowledge and tools required for many professionals in any industry at all levels. To learn more about Daniel and Hamutal with PMzone, visit www.pmzone.com

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