E62 A Girl's Guide to Project Management with Elizabeth Harrin

Season #1

How has your work been impacted by the pandemic? Are you able to lead your projects effectively? In this episode Elizabeth Harrin joins PMO Joe from West Sussex, UK to share her story about working remote, engaging stakeholders and books she has written.

The pandemic has forced us to work differently. We need to improve our ability to work with people remotely. Elizabeth shares tips such as getting comfortable on video, understand how to best use the technology, and find how to “turn off” from work. At the center of remote work is trust. Your employer trusting you are getting your job done and also, we as PMs to know the project teams are pushing projects forward.

We are also missing out on the water cooler chats so we should find and utilize mentors to help us grow and improve our careers. Elizabeth shared her mentoring experiences including her own mentoring group Project Management Rebels. We also get to hear about Elizabeth’s blog A Girl’s Guide to PM, trends for 2021 and books that Elizabeth has written. Be sure to subscribe to catch the full episode and hear what Elizabeth has to share about Stakeholder Engagement.

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