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E58 Avoid the Dreaded Yearly Performance Review Cycle, Use Radical Candor and Micro-Reviews

Season #1

Do you struggle with Performance Reviews each year? Perhaps you are a PM without direct reports and you are asked to provide feedback on project team members performance or a new manager unsure how to be effective for your team. In this episode we have an informative chat with Chris Kopp talking performance reviews tools, process and techniques.

Chris is a long-time project management and business operations leader who shared his story with us including lessons learned from "Eating a chicken dinner" and "the farmer hiring someone who can sleep through the storm". We learn about using tools to conduct micro-reviews throughout the year. Chris shared how the book Radical Candor has helped with his leadership approach. We hear why it's ok to let someone know they have "spinach on their teeth"! Listen for his practical proven approach to avoid the dreaded yearly performance review cycle.

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