E43 What is your CQ? Change Intelligence with expert Barbara Trautlein.

Season #2

Do you know your IQ? We are all familiar with IQ as a measure of our Intelligence. There has also been a lot of buzz about EQ and our understanding of Emotional Intelligence. In this episode we learn about CQ as a measure of our Change Intelligence with Change Management expert Barbara Trautlein.

This was a fascinating discussion that helped me better understand change concepts from Barbara who is the creator of the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligence. Barbara shares the meaning of CQ and provides easy to follow examples to relate to our own experiences. She walks us through her model and the meaning of leading with Head, Heart, or Hands.

After taking the CQ Assessment I learned that my Change Leader Style is Coach. What is your style? Are you a Coach, Visionary, Executer, Adapter or another Change Leader Style? Listen in to hear Barbara explain the different Styles and how we can use this understanding to improve our ability to deliver successful change initiatives.

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