E40 Innovation, Risk Management, and Entrepreneurship - Academic and Corporate perspectives.

Season #2

How comfortable are you working with and managing risks? What tools and techniques do you use for managing risks on your projects as well as personally with your own career? How did PMI do with managing the risk of rolling our the new PMI logo?

Listen to hear Laura Burford and Andrew Maynard discuss risk management, innovation and entrepreneurship. Laura was a speaker at the recent 50th Anniversary PMI Global Conference. With all the buzz of the new PMI logo we heard from Laura how the rollout was received at the conference. Laura also shares her story and evolution from corporate employee to independent consultant and how she is now using those experiences to help others seeking to branch out on their own.

Andrew, as an Academic, Scientist and Author, enjoys breaking boundaries and examining risk specifically with social movements and personal attitudes.​ He is the Director of the ASU Risk Innovation Lab and shares how they are taking an innovation mindset and applying that to risk. Andrew and Laura also share how story-telling has become an important tool they use as authors and within their careers. ​

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