E38 The human element of Project Management. Understanding culture, purpose and soft skills.

Season #2

As a Project Management leader are you focusing on your people? In this episode we chat with Colin Ellis and Charity Carr about the importance of the human element of Project Management. We kick off our discussion talking about Colin's book, The Project Book. The discussion takes us to the people side of Project Management. As we focus on the soft skills of project management we recognize these actually are the hard items to focus on. We then discuss the importance of purpose and culture to achieve the results we're looking to hit. The future of project management has us evolving away from the triple constraints and moving towards improving culture and providing value.

Listeners have asked to hear from PM leaders within the Construction industry and we hit the mark with Charity. She shared with us her experiences and the work she is doing to build and expand on the Mayo Clinic campus. We learn of the similarities and differences between construction projects and technology projects. Charity shares the benefits of IDP, Integrated Project Delivery within the design and construction space that leads to improved communication and teamwork.

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