E34 Benefits for Project Teams by improving engagement and using ADKAR for Change Management.

Season #2

We can all make a difference and in this episode we hear Jessica and Roger share insights on how to do just that. Jessica Kuhn shares that working for Make-A-Wish has tremendous meaning and we hear her story to get an inside peak at how project management factors into that. Roger Haskett shares that engagement and playfulness combined with meaning and purpose leads to results.

Roger isn't a project manager, but often works to teach PMs about engagement and the impact on teams. We learn about the power of play and how teams improve performance when members are actively engagement. He also shares the story of his first book, "The me you want to be, Roger's rules for a bigger, better, more powerful you." A actor, author, speaker and leader, Roger provides perspective and experiences that PMs often overlook, but can find benefit from when we implement.

With our inside look at Make-A-Wish, Jessica shares great insight on creativity, meaning, change management and team motivation. She describes ADKAR and the benefits of using a consistent approach for change. We learn about working in a federated organizational model and non-profit organization. We also get to hear the story behind Taco Gary!

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Our next show will be August 1st with guests Katharine Halpin and Nicolas Breeson.

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