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E19 - Dr Harold Kerzner from the International Institute for Learning and Belinda Goodrich from PM Learning Solutions.

Season #1

In this special episode of Project Management Office Hours Joe Pusz, PMO Joe, has a thought provoking discussion with Project Management Industry leaders Dr. Harold Kerzner from the International Institute for Learning and Belinda Goodrich from PM Learning Solutions.

Much of our hour-long conversation was focused on the future of project management and learning from our collective experiences. Dr. Kerzner and Belinda both highlighted how Project Managers and the role they perform are evolving. We no longer focus our metrics on just the Triple Constraint. We utilize Frameworks rather than Methodology. We have re-defined project success. Our training techniques and tools are changing to meet these new expectations. We discuss differences in project management in the US compared to abroad and challenges with teaching project management at higher educational institutions.

Belinda speaks in detail about the A.C.I.D. Approach; Agility, Change, Innovation, and Disruption. Using this Approach, project managers are more prepared and skilled to lead organizations through growth by running programs and projects critical to overall organizational success. She also shares how Project Management Training has become more behavioral and less technical which provides project managers with essential tools to become successful. Belinda also shares her own story as a young woman starting in a male dominated field, how that has changed and the role that has played in her life with her daughters.

Innovation and Project Management are two terms not often associated. As a leader in our field, Dr. Kerzner is examining innovation in project management through understanding our past as well as understanding the future needs of our organizations and customers. He shares stories of working at the beginning of modern project management and the impetus and limitations of Earned Value, also his personal experiences with his daughter as a project manager facing challenges leading IILlogoUSpnginternational projects. We hear how measuring success on projects has changed from on time, on budget to now over hundreds of available metrics. He shares how and why project success is now defined as “did you create business value.”

Listen in to the full episode to hear the details from both of these industry leaders. We covered much in our hour and I wish we had more time to dig even deeper.

Tune in for upcoming shows with Project Management leaders discussing a wide range of current topics and events! Our next show will be December 6th with Naomi Caietti and Raoul Encinas.