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E85 PMO Community a Global Perspective with Americo Pinto

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Americo Pinto shares his passion and story with PMO Joe about what brought him to the project management world. From professional actor to chairman of the PMO Global Alliance; Americo Pinto has had a fascinating career.

PMO Joe and Americo discuss several topics including, how the PMO Global Alliance revolutionized the PMO world, challenges building community globally such as language and politics, and taking chances outside your comfort zone. “Believe in your dreams. You can really conquer the Galaxy if you want. So if I could, you can, I assure you that.” -Americo Pinto

Americo shared his story to help us understand the beginnings of the PMO Value Ring methodology ( and the PMO Global Awards ( He also provides his prediction for the future of the PMO based on feedback and analysis from some of the leading PMOs in the world.

“Finding your synergy within your PMO, is the key” -Americo Pinto

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