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E90 Citizen Development with Mario + Matt

Season #4

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours Matt Hubbard and Mario H Trentim join Joe Pusz - PMO Joe to have an in-depth discussion about the Citizen Developer program.  

Matt Hubbard works to bring citizen development programs to organizations using his 20+ years of operational excellence experience. The core of Matt’s success is his belief that process, technology, and people must be optimized together to achieve a lasting result. 

“Generically, citizen development is when you empower business people who are not trained coders to solve business problems through the use of low-code/no-code tools, which are tools that basically assemble apps, instead of coding apps. You are dragging and dropping existing elements to assemble the app.” -Matt Hubbard 

Mario Trentim is currently Citizen Developer at, founder at, and Board Member at Mario is and Engineer with +15 years of experience managing global projects and implementing Project Management Offices in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.  

“The development for project managers, is not just to build the finance applications or sales applications, it’s also expanding our boundaries outside technical projects to events, to human resource projects, finance projects, marketing projects, and more. When we think about citizen development, an agilest, business analyst, project manager, PMO manager, will be ten times more effective.” -Mario Trentim  


Listen to Matt and Mario with PMO Joe discuss these topics further in E90 on Project Management Office Hours and do not forget to subscribe! 


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