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E95 Bridging the Strategy-Execution Gap with Annmarie Curley

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, Annmarie Curley and PMO Joe discussed how a top-down and bottom-up approach is necessary to bridge the strategy-execution gap and establish environments where teams can be successful without burning out.  

Annmarie shares how teams spend so much of their time reacting and firefighting that they are unable to devote any time to learning new tools or methods to change how they operate. “It becomes a vicious cycle that are nearly impossible to break out of, and results in team members who are stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed.”- Annmarie Curley 

One major contributor Annmarie mentioned is the type of chaotic environment, she calls “duct tape leadership” -- the patched-together systems that help teams meet short-term goals, at the cost of long-term stability and sustainability. The antidote to duct tape is intentional leadership-- taking time to establish the conditions your team needs to succeed. 

Organizations achieve their mission through projects -- and the work that project teams accomplish is pivotal to the organization’s success. The project manager's ability to lead the team and transformation is a critical element. However executive leaders also have a responsibility to set the stage for the team’s success, and to ensure that the work being executed aligns with the strategic priorities.  

“Revisiting the Agile Manifesto led me to think about the Project Leader’s Manifesto. The work that a project leader does isn’t easy - they often are working under duress, and it can sometimes feel like pushing a boulder up a mountain. However, I firmly believe that to be effective, project managers have to lead rather than manage which is why I call the role project leader rather than project manager.”  “Organizations achieve their mission through projects -- and the work that project teams accomplish are pivotal to the organization’s success. Project Leader Manifesto focuses on people over process and placing attention on the power skills. ” -Annmarie 

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